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These Are the Best Movies Since 2000    08/18/18  (142)
Come ITT and list your favorite 5 movies of all time (not necessarily The Best)    08/18/18  (41)
Dining out is such a fucking ripoff lol    08/18/18  (30)
Epi pens are like $500 now ljl    08/18/18  (22)
Today in Russian crime    08/18/18  (21)
ITT: I rate you as a hyper-powerful entity or race from Star Trek    08/18/18  (21)
Classical liberalism is going to get CRUSHED in the near term    08/18/18  (20)
Women are really just after mens money.    08/18/18  (19)
50yr old hardwood floors that squeak in a few places: replace or refinish/repair    08/18/18  (19)
I really have very little energy for online dating    08/18/18  (19)
Guy attempts to pay $750k bail in crypto, crashes several coins when feds say no    08/18/18  (18)
New girl is coming over for dinner. Was going to make a casserole    08/18/18  (17)
why do weightlifters talk smack on cross fitters    08/18/18  (17)
How many friends does Obeezy have IRL?    08/18/18  (15)
Bowling Shirts, one of the worst aspects of the 90s    08/18/18  (14)
Any 'well-known' composer more underrated than CESAR FRANCK?    08/18/18  (12)
Do you listen to classical music?    08/18/18  (12)
N.O. Saints cheerleaders    08/18/18  (9)
Crazy Prole Goyim starring Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence    08/18/18  (9)
Windows crashes, an old boomer dies.    08/18/18  (9)
so the SPLC is like "Tiger Beat" but about romantic life of alt-right "celebs"    08/18/18  (9)
Are Jews really behind multiculturalism? Jews are fleeing UK and France    08/18/18  (8)
What was the last comedy film you saw in a theater?    08/18/18  (8)
Would alt right monarchist NEETs be okay w/ Handmaid's Tale style dictatorship?    08/18/18  (8)
the love of a woman is always conditional    08/18/18  (8)
Secret Society. OIG Report. Q Anon. Nunes Memo. Spygate. Wiretapping.    08/18/18  (8)
Your favorite biglaw partner taking Qs ITT while pounding a handle of Louis XIii    08/18/18  (7)
2nd Cousin: Sixteen, blushes; Shrew GF: Sixteen flushes    08/18/18  (7)
Is there a Jewish version of 'Days of Thunder'?    08/18/18  (7)
dont ever ask any one for help    08/18/18  (7)
Most underrated film of last 15-20 yrs: The Good Shepherd    08/18/18  (6)
assfaggot i just ate a fucking TON of pickles    08/18/18  (6)
It's breathtaking when a hot Chad bends over    08/18/18  (6)
My and MPAs chest hair glued together by a comical amount of dried semen    08/18/18  (6)
Saw a plump young brunette wearing tights & Ivy League sweatshirt    08/18/18  (6)
rate Richard Spencer's russian jewish paramour    08/18/18  (6)
I've met several people in the NYC area whi arent actual Jews, but claim to have    08/18/18  (5)
lol Semi-Pro was terrible    08/18/18  (5)
Richard Spencer is no George Lincoln Rockwell    08/18/18  (5)
Is there a goy version of Schindler's List    08/18/18  (5)
Richard Nixon posting on DARPA's early prototype of XO    08/18/18  (5)
Is it womanly to have a girl for a dogdood?    08/18/18  (5)
scholarship slowly reappearing in 2030 umiami 1L class photo    08/18/18  (5)
So Grimes started giving Elon Musk ACID according to Azalia fucking Banks?    08/18/18  (5)
<> NOWAG <>    08/18/18  (4)
Best dry aged steak prep?    08/18/18  (4)
Jews replacing bar/bat mitzvahs with gender reveal celebrations.    08/18/18  (4)
Rate modern medicine and it's ability to transplant faces in these pics    08/18/18  (4)
XO fags should date Arrab chicks ause they talk shit about Jews and think Israel    08/18/18  (4)