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Excluding traffic stuff and drugs, what the last CRIME you committed?    02/25/18  (43)
Pound for pound boxing legend Srisaket Sor Rungvisai    02/25/18  (17)
**********TINYCHAT**********    02/25/18  (15)
White guy attempts to volunteer in the ghetto; is promptly mugged and murdered:    02/25/18  (15)
10 min until bagel place opens. Lox, toasted poppy bagel, capers, ice coffee    02/25/18  (13)
just ordered a $25 domino's order. how much should i tip?    02/25/18  (13)
Americans who visit Thailand are basically pedos and abuse girls/boys there    02/25/18  (13)
damn! roommates suck sometimes    02/25/18  (11)
your neurotransmitters aren't broken, your LIFE is    02/25/18  (8)
Rate Ragnus and his "moderately chubby gf" (pic from other thread) (DTP)    02/25/18  (8)
"The NRA has children's blood on its hands," she quipped to the abortion doctor    02/25/18  (7)
Krampusnacht - who is this deranged septic queer?    02/25/18  (7)
Work hard so you can retire at 65 and enjoy life!    02/25/18  (7)
Shaved head FL chick who survived shooting now has more followers than the NRA    02/25/18  (7)
2nd cousin: u like my thong diaper?; shrew gf: OMG this mango couldnt be riper    02/25/18  (6)
1. Do you NEED Diapers?    02/25/18  (6)
have people ever wandered into dark scary woods and something good happened?    02/25/18  (6)
from the club bathroom you can hear the dull throbbing of d i a p e r w a v e    02/25/18  (6)
Krampusnacht is 180 as fuck    02/25/18  (6)
the us olympic billing team just won the gold! *wakes up at desk*    02/25/18  (6)
v a p o r w a v e bros, have any of ya'll played hotline miami?    02/25/18  (5)
SUMMON: clean white glory (OpSop)    02/25/18  (5)
Ketamine is awesome. Having a great time    02/25/18  (4)
Rate my new moniker    02/25/18  (4)
*opens dating app* "Any LEFTOVER people on here, haha?"    02/25/18  (4)
6'3, 230, weaponized free will, coming at you piping hot.    02/25/18  (4)
Children of Men, but it's the last dopamine receptor    02/25/18  (4)
*komodo dragon sitting on your lap, softly nibbling at your penis*    02/25/18  (4)
In 1978, five mentally ill men post about diapers on a law related messageboard.    02/25/18  (4)
Lifetime NRA member here: JOIN, think of your KIDS    02/25/18  (4)
uspo thoughts on The Japanese House    02/25/18  (4)
blow bender cr until roomie begins obsessively searching her bed for bugs    02/25/18  (3)
"The controller!" Your organic HS GF giggles, mid-Mario Kart N-64, "it's your tu    02/25/18  (3)
This is my Tindr match    02/25/18  (3)
MY aborted fetus | MY dog's shit in a bag | MY career    02/25/18  (3)
I think this is the best version of In a Sentimental Mood    02/25/18  (3)
u doing something sinful, a large dog wearing silver cross stops, looks at u    02/25/18  (3)
OMG dont u hurt that dog! *puts fetus in vitamix*    02/25/18  (3)
"hey what is ur dog's name i wanna get a gift, haha"    02/25/18  (3)
   02/25/18  (3)
CharleXII poasting in tongues after unlucky christian metal band lightning hits    02/25/18  (3)
Bloodacre come into this thread and show us your titties.    02/25/18  (3)
I just thought I should let you know Im gay.    02/25/18  (3)
ITT: I poast everything I've learned about wmtp (imgurs abound) (OpSop)    02/25/18  (3)
The Wedding and Reception of Mr. Luis Diesel    02/25/18  (3)
Odd case: Meg Tilly is part Irish part Chinese but doesnt look 60    02/25/18  (3)
today's episode of zozo is brought to you by... the Honda CR-V    02/25/18  (3)
bout to eat a fuck ton of OYSTERS    02/25/18  (3)
In all seriousness, I feel like Patrick Bateman    02/25/18  (3)
Been on propecia for 4 days. Only effect is HIGHER libido    02/25/18  (3)