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STICKY: New account requests   03/20/18  (187)
"My god...the minds are...matchi..." *NASA sniper's bullet pierces eye socket*    03/20/18  (12)
Libs, rate these quotes by new Trump legal hire Joe DiGenova    03/20/18  (12)
it's really cute when arkan / clean white glory tries to act "tough" on XO    03/20/18  (13)
From 1983-2010, a Democrat was governor of California for fewer than 5 years    03/20/18  (9)
how many alts is arkan / clean white glory running at this point? 12?    03/20/18  (11)
WhatsApp founder (sold to FB for $19B) to Zuck: fuck you    03/20/18  (4)
NY XOers -- XXX Star Nicolette Shea is in Town    03/20/18  (11)
Why does Fiver lurk on this board but not post. Did she finally accept    03/20/18  (4)
In Chinese 640 AD Jesus Sutras, Jews referred to as "wicked followers of cause    03/20/18  (3)
So, what did Cambridge Analytica actually do?    03/20/18  (102)
Pritzker LANDSLIDE    03/20/18  (22)
Self-driving car fatalities: 2. Human driven car fatalities for today: 100    03/20/18  (3)
Latham Chairman Steps Down After Disclosing "Communications of a Sexual Nature"    03/20/18  (12)
So clean white glory of truth is just more shitty MPA flame?    03/20/18  (32)
Would you guys date this tranny?    03/20/18  (4)
Post a password to a random online account of yours ITT    03/20/18  (19)
Recommend a used family hauler SUV under $35k    03/20/18  (5)
Cooking eggs in bacon grease is flame    03/20/18  (31)
Cast iron skillets are flame    03/20/18  (1)
Ive noticed cops pick low hanging fruit create crime and hide from real issues    03/20/18  (13)
Think I drank myself retarded. Memory sucks    03/20/18  (3)
the rats keep on spinning / arkan keeps on winning    03/20/18  (5)
UPenn LawProf Amy Wax on IQ and Disparate Impact    03/20/18  (87)
With enough money, you can solve all your problems    03/20/18  (1)
Taking out the trash with ice on my front steps    03/20/18  (1)
TWINS: did your wife call you a faggot when you were in tinychat? What's her dea    03/20/18  (12)
PSA to arkan/clean white glory - ur about to seriously regret ever poasting here    03/20/18  (90)
Triumph of the Will.ogm    03/20/18  (1)
lawman destroyed shortquotemo forever in that thread    03/20/18  (22)
Once fucked a CAWG who went to UMBC    03/20/18  (3)
Public Service Announcement: Nigger.    03/20/18  (12)
2003: Invade Iraq bc of Al Qaeda and 9/11. 2015: Al Qaeda runs Iraq    03/20/18  (11)
How about dis how about I anticipate the next major paradigm then poast? (twins)    03/20/18  (10)
Cop pulls over self-driving car. "Got a tail-light out."    03/20/18  (2)
Krampusnacht taking questions here (3/20/2018)    03/20/18  (4)
Bill Gates' great granddaughter getting raped and mutilated by nigs in 2050    03/20/18  (9)
You're a lying rat and I want nothing to do w/you    03/20/18  (45)
Explain the statement: hell hath no fury    03/20/18  (19)
any proof clean white glory/arkan WASN'T buttfucked daily by his pedo priest?    03/20/18  (4)
lol at this thread where RSF pumo talks about how handsome rsf is    03/20/18  (8)
Libtertarianism really died out in the US, didn't it?    03/20/18  (115)
Take a look at IL's lieutenant gov and tell me she's not a nasty hotwife    03/20/18  (1)
jarringly realistic anxiety simulator    03/20/18  (4)
Is Southwest the only airlines without change fees?    03/20/18  (1)
Just sold my Eth at a loss. When do I buy back in?    03/20/18  (10)
"clean white glory" tp will always be synonymous with "raped by priest" on XO    03/20/18  (34)
Lazytown 'Stephanie's' #MeToo story about Lazytown male costars    03/20/18  (5)
Conservaheroes in small CA town opt out of sanctuary laws    03/20/18  (12)
Penicillin is 180    03/20/18  (1)
starting to notice that 'being white' is like a form of celebrity in America    03/20/18  (1)
Bboom why do you hate Austin $o much?    03/20/18  (2)
Ardent neocon Ralph Peters goes off on Fox News, Trump. Libs rejoice.    03/20/18  (1)
Farting $o loud you $et off all the trip wire$ in tttexa$$    03/20/18  (3)
Will Captain Marvel be the first MCU flop? (pics) (DTP)    03/20/18  (1)
C&F (NY) + 3L Job Search Happy Meal    03/20/18  (6)
Remember when facemo stepped to halford and got put on his ass?    03/20/18  (7)
Libs: Conserve nature = GOOD! Conserve culture = BAD! conserve climate = GOOD!    03/20/18  (6)
The population of "dar es salaam" is expected to go from 4 to 76M by end of cent    03/20/18  (11)
Lots of young whites have lost their nerve. Next century will be tough    03/20/18  (16)
You're not a REAL conservative if you want to give more power to ICE    03/20/18  (26)
jarringly realistic depression simulator    03/20/18  (50)
Facemo rapidly approaching jefeian levels of greatness    03/20/18  (9)
College basketball 64 team playoff/nit other shit football 4 teams named Alabama    03/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud u make it 2 front page of reddit & they name it Farty McFartface    03/20/18  (4)
peterman have you considered moving from miami to tampa    03/20/18  (21)
On the fifth stage of Parkinsons my Huma gave to me    03/20/18  (28)
Andrew Anglin: Austin terrorist is definitely alt-right    03/20/18  (24)
pusssy    03/20/18  (1)
Wtf is a noreaster    03/20/18  (2)
LAWMAN8, when did you develop your current views on negroes and Jews?    03/20/18  (6)
twins might be back but xo sucks tonight    03/20/18  (9)
How dumb are Trumptards on climate change? This dumb    03/20/18  (61)
Sansa Stark: hot or not?    03/20/18  (27)
Alt right? Moar like autistic right    03/20/18  (5)
NFL cornerback Richard Sherman: fuck bitcoin. Ripple #1    03/20/18  (11)
the bantu expansion and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race    03/20/18  (7)
Cop that shot the white woman in Minneapolis is SOMALI    03/20/18  (142)
We're going to have to defend ourselves with weapons    03/20/18  (15)
mainlining i'm such a piece of shit-- truly the worst (US) lawyer    03/20/18  (8)
magic - mick smiley.mp3    03/20/18  (6)
Trump Jr. fucked some dumb bimbo from Celebrity Apprentice ("Nice taste!"-Trump)    03/20/18  (49)
BAM: magic button, every time you push, 1 African dies, but 1 Indian as well    03/20/18  (15)
Isnt it retarded to have 100s of counties In most states? Several divisions etc    03/20/18  (5)
Why is India's population getting so big    03/20/18  (13)
Have Fatceps and RSF hung our IRL? I think they'd be a good tagteam combo.    03/20/18  (3)
Oh Malk! When you kick a 'Art Light' off a facebooks?    03/20/18  (4)
"Indian Summer" Means Something Entirely Different To PDDJ :(    03/20/18  (5)
"Wu Tang Clan Ain't Nuttin to Fuck Wit" (*Cuts off own dick*)    03/20/18  (12)
Explain the statement: ain't no thang    03/20/18  (5)
$o do you agree cop$ and law enforcement is generally worthless?    03/20/18  (3)
Why are Americans so insane and angry?    03/20/18  (2)
XO consensus on Peaky Blinders?    03/20/18  (8)
dirte what's the latest on your love life/app sluts?    03/20/18  (5)
40 years from now you'll be senior citizen and no longer majority in your countr    03/20/18  (26)
rate this map in which countries flash every time a baby is born    03/20/18  (26)
Ljl at worrying about "Russia" ... DECLINING population, GDP (both already shit)    03/20/18  (6)
*short quotemo becoming even more constipated as lawman fucks his shit in*    03/20/18  (5)
at some point, it's psychological torture to keep blacks in a hi-IQ tech society    03/20/18  (9)
DTP taking questions here (3/20/2018)    03/20/18  (79)
bottom-rung whites: kooky trailer-park culture. other races: bathing in own shit    03/20/18  (20)
Do azns get it yet? White people dont hate you but they dont respect u    03/20/18  (1)
Ex-con GOP coal magnate throwing vulnerable Dem Manchin a lifeline    03/20/18  (1)
whatever happened to *gives you a flower* the poaster?    03/20/18  (11)
"We know not what weapons World War Three will be fough--"LITIGATION."    03/20/18  (1)
'Meester Steve Yobs?'    03/20/18  (1)
Altered Carbon is super good    03/20/18  (9)
Asian chicks love stubble and short beards on white men    03/20/18  (5)
Worse: having a wuss for a son or a whore for a dotter    03/20/18  (84)
Libs coming at Trump from all directions now w/ Stormy emboldening more womyn    03/20/18  (6)
I'm a lawyer and I have no idea why everybody is up in arms about Facebook t    03/20/18  (4)
"Will the person typing please go on mute!"    03/20/18  (5)
Sorry, I was on mute. *proceeds to ramble*    03/20/18  (2)
The GOP is a dumpster fire    03/20/18  (6)
The Truth Hurts at Penn Law [National Review]    03/20/18  (59)
Will the person who put the conference call on hold please go on mute    03/20/18  (11)
$o law enforcement i$ a wa$te of our, time and re$ource$?    03/20/18  (1)
faggot    03/20/18  (18)
MLB subs entering the game to Hello? Who just joined? recording    03/20/18  (1)
Is farting liquid diarrhea in public the most embarrassing thing that could    03/20/18  (27)
you could put a rat in a 6'3 230 lb body and it wouldnt make any difference.    03/20/18  (75)
Farting so loud OH NO DIARRHEA ALL OVER THE CARPET    03/20/18  (17)
Luis. Rise.    03/20/18  (7)
Does AK47 still lurk here?    03/20/18  (1)
In Austin right now for a depo, I am okay. Don't worry.    03/20/18  (1)
Poll: is lawman8 autistic?    03/20/18  (60)
Truck stop prostitute here, taking ?'s    03/20/18  (7)
skadden's daring to launch experimental slipships at a time most firms were deba    03/20/18  (2)
I hate my life. I want to die. My wife is pissed, but its all a dumpster fire.    03/20/18  (8)
TUESDAY NIGHT TINYCHAT a special treat!!!!    03/20/18  (5)
rate this Snickers commercial    03/20/18  (1)
one post threads. | jokes not getting bumps. | washed up poster    03/20/18  (11)
The New Face of Lawyer.com: Lindsay Lohan (link)    03/20/18  (13)
Don't even like GF all that much, totally lonely and miserable she's out of town    03/20/18  (21)
Have you bros seen The Foreigner?    03/20/18  (1)
Farting so loud a deaf baby hears for the first time    03/20/18  (5)
im a one note poster btw    03/20/18  (14)
Tinychat is flame    03/20/18  (2)
Facebook will be the Lehman Bros of the next great recession    03/20/18  (3)
beautiful young woman joking around with her son, father arrives, she's serious    03/20/18  (13)
DAILY REMINDER: there's nothing GAY about a man wearing TIGHTS    03/20/18  (1)
Cooking eggs in bacon grease over a flame    03/20/18  (1)
Masters crowd sprinting away from Tiger Woods on 16 towards Luis (A)    03/20/18  (1)
I just voted in Illinois. Here is who I voted for.    03/20/18  (11)
www.tinychat.com/xoapes we have people in here!    03/20/18  (3)

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