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STICKY: New account requests   03/20/18  (183)
Describe Topeka at 27k    03/20/18  (14)
Libtertarianism really died out in the US, didn't it?    03/20/18  (35)
are orthopedic surgeons the most alpha doctors?    03/20/18  (33)
Jets - 6th pick,two 2nd rounders in '18 & 2nd round pick in '19 for 3rd pick    03/20/18  (1)
Bored in house mo, taking questions    03/20/18  (29)
ONE SET OF FOOTPRINTS: I walked around fucking IGWC in a full nelson    03/20/18  (45)
XO poa$ter$ having hot $teamy $ex in a Topeka bathou$e    03/20/18  (2)
The board's "goal-driven" attitude hurts deeply inside my existential self    03/20/18  (14)
dozens of countries each gave Clinton $25mil in 2016-- "US" media silent    03/20/18  (13)
Chloe Sevigny had such a nice-seeming personality    03/20/18  (12)
Why wouldnt Hillary run again?    03/20/18  (4)
The Truth Hurts at Penn Law [National Review]    03/20/18  (3)
Mentally ill sorority slut describes being a sex worker    03/20/18  (6)
So, what did Cambridge Analytica actually do?    03/20/18  (91)
*IGWC's dealer sees his text* "Nooope. No way. Not for him. Nooooo."    03/20/18  (1)
POLL: do you think :D's very noticeable cognitive decline is diet-related?    03/20/18  (8)
Tell me the people in middle America biglaw are less terrible    03/20/18  (1)
Why cant you all shut the fuck up with the bullishlt?    03/20/18  (6)
Wife and I make 975k combined in Topeka will we starve?    03/20/18  (4)
If Trump could fire Sessions --> Rosenstein --> Mueller, he would have already    03/20/18  (34)
Reminder the Super Bowl in is a town much Smaller than Topeka Kansas    03/20/18  (3)
IGWC on display at Macy's T-giving parade. Asshole gaped open with speculum    03/20/18  (44)
Why do HR women dress the sluttiest?    03/20/18  (3)
xo: just do 110K in Topeka bro    03/20/18  (7)
Nutella why the fuck is your kid so ugly? Really unfortunate looking little hapa    03/20/18  (30)
Sansa Stark: hot or not?    03/20/18  (24)
fatal flaw in American Psycho: Paul Allen's apartment wasn't nearly as nice as    03/20/18  (12)
rsf, how good is ur french?    03/20/18  (6)
Police officer charged w/ murder, but he's Muslim. SJWs feeling CONFLICTED    03/20/18  (3)
So Atlanta's draw is the traffic of LA with the weather of Houston?    03/20/18  (24)
Sorry Jews, the Holocaust didnt happen. Wish it did, but it didnt.    03/20/18  (216)
I really want whorie to come back.    03/20/18  (8)
A THIRD professional football league to debut in US, before XFL (link)    03/20/18  (1)
short girls with large breasts, pale skin, and cluster B personality disorders    03/20/18  (39)
Charles you're a good guy    03/20/18  (6)
Washington state to allow illegals to vote (link)    03/20/18  (7)
So is Zuckerberg a Russian agent now?    03/20/18  (4)
When is the last time you laid in the grass with a girl, heads touching    03/20/18  (3)
what's an ANGLO next to an ALBANIAN?    03/20/18  (1)
BREAKING: Driverless Uber killed HOMELESS WOMAN! Uber not at fault!    03/20/18  (38)
GOP Senator expressly says firing Mueller is impeachable (LINK)    03/20/18  (1)
ISIS has subway franchises producing $40M per month    03/20/18  (8)
Media claims polygraphs are 99% accurate.    03/20/18  (4)
u ever have someone pull a knife on u bc they wanted to die?    03/20/18  (1)
92.5% of US population doesn't own crypto, 8% wants to buy crypto in the future.    03/20/18  (3)
Zappin (Fugitive) taking Q's and abuse for being married to TBF    03/20/18  (576)
PUBG now available on mobile    03/20/18  (1)
Deep State freaking out because POTUS isn't a neutered globalist?    03/20/18  (11)
Im taking owner$hip of thi$ $ite would like to wipe mo$t of it clean    03/20/18  (1)
Rate Steve Job's daughter and her Mexican boyfriend    03/20/18  (22)
Someone please explain how god, marriage and love arent manufactured by humans?    03/20/18  (14)
Anyone concerned that Google basically lived in the Obama WH during his presiden    03/20/18  (1)
Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this    03/20/18  (4)
so Hillary got caught rigging DNC primary& buying dossier from literal russians?    03/20/18  (1)
Is Trey Gowdy the dumbest person in Congress?    03/20/18  (1)
Is Etherium on the mend? A bit?    03/20/18  (9)
Looking for a girl thats top of the line, cute face, little waist and big behind    03/20/18  (5)
Josh Rosen will be a huge kike bust    03/20/18  (2)
Why is the GOP acting like a bunch of bitches about Trump re: Mueller    03/20/18  (24)
Who Do You Think Gave The First Blowjob In History?    03/20/18  (31)
Interviewed a boot camp graduate today, he didnt know what a hash table was    03/20/18  (30)
I'm moving to Kentucky    03/20/18  (1)
LINKEDIN CHALLENGE: ANY Person to Hooker in minimum # clicks    03/20/18  (13)
Of Council at Trotman Sander    03/20/18  (1)
Driver behind self-driving Uber was a transgender Mexican convicted armed robber    03/20/18  (11)
Beto ORourke Doesnt Want to Be Democrats Next National Cause [POLITICO]    03/20/18  (1)
everyone move to maine. ill have a party at my apt this weekend (jcm)    03/20/18  (106)
so private schools council out crazies?    03/20/18  (37)
Tumblr of kinda cute district judges when they were at their peak age in college    03/20/18  (2)
I name a cuisine, you tell me the best region of the country to find it    03/20/18  (96)
"but the unexamined life!" he says as the frat star fucks his gf    03/20/18  (43)
xo startup launches new app: "N-Words with Friends"    03/20/18  (13)
my Warby Parker glasses keep flying off when I power clean (sharklasers)    03/20/18  (13)
Pitbull goes on mass biting rampage at school    03/20/18  (15)
Pulp Fiction is awful    03/20/18  (56)
It's 100% balls out insane that HALF of men have below average penises    03/20/18  (37)
contingencies of world history are kooky. china going to rule the galaxy    03/20/18  (35)
this is the MOTHER of all nutella poasts. should be framed on xo's WALL    03/20/18  (68)
sci-fi dystopia where they kill u after 3rd second date peck in a row    03/20/18  (2)
No respect for "media" at all, all fraud and lie$    03/20/18  (1)
Are dodge challengers, camaros and mustangs prolemobiles?    03/20/18  (15)
Lets see Paul Allens tumor    03/20/18  (8)
I would never hire a black person. I just don't like blacks.    03/20/18  (7)
I love asking fat shrews when theyre expecting    03/20/18  (2)
best car to buy cash for under $5K    03/20/18  (29)
Nate Silver pisses in lib cheerios re: Cambridge Analytica    03/20/18  (7)
I just voted in Illinois. Here is who I voted for.    03/20/18  (10)
Genocide and mass war deaths are the only things that can save America    03/20/18  (4)
Reminder: 90% of those who start in shitlaw never make more than 70K    03/20/18  (26)
tired of having my intellect called into question by 'pumos'    03/20/18  (1)
Can we just go full bore psychotic homicidal depression today on the bort    03/20/18  (4)
We all need to die    03/20/18  (4)
all bridges engineered by women/minorities MUST have signage posted to warn    03/20/18  (2)
fuckboy 'bro culture' of suspension cables caused Fla bridge collapse (NYT)    03/20/18  (5)
Luis hittin dat high falsetto "i cant feel my face when im with u"    03/20/18  (8)
LOL WAIT the collapsed bridge was designed by MINORITY FEMALES?!? LJLLIBS?    03/20/18  (44)
Prestigious Boston biglawyer loading his MBTA CharlieCard with $200 at a time    03/20/18  (3)
sad clown luring your son into restroom on NYE for some "PnP"    03/20/18  (2)
'Leesten to me. Fook Steve Yobs! I am your papi now!' *smashes tequila bottle*    03/20/18  (1)
Did Mueller indict the guy who hacked into John Podestas email?    03/20/18  (2)
Your guardian angel reaching out to direct your cursor away from <post> to <canc    03/20/18  (1)
Claire's Comfort Bois    03/20/18  (1)
date: "But what are you PASSIONATE about?" u: *panic attack*    03/20/18  (42)
So are Lorde and lil Peep the only two credited millennial artists?    03/20/18  (6)
ITT recommend 1 thing that you are sure is a solid recommendation.    03/20/18  (46)
Chris Isaaks Heart Shaped World was completely overlooked    03/20/18  (1)
Still can't believe Nutella was To Be Fair all along.    03/20/18  (1)
Eve Jobs blasting Pitbull so mom can't hear the screams from her room    03/20/18  (2)
Breaking news on Cambridge Analytica Suggest Trump Broke Laws ( Link)    03/20/18  (16)
A bunch of retard$ are on top but you cant maek it? Ljl    03/20/18  (3)
Eve Jobs screaming "Ay Papi" while Chadito dicks her down.    03/20/18  (1)
"what do you like to do for fun?" *blank stare*    03/20/18  (27)
the bantu expansion and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race    03/20/18  (2)
Pretty funny that the hottest indian girls exclusively fuck/date white guys    03/20/18  (21)
Who has the highest T: Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, Tommy Vietor, or Kyle Griffin?    03/20/18  (1)
Jordan Peterson - the intellectual we deserve    03/20/18  (10)
The hottest Indian girls fuck dorky white guys. Sorry PP!    03/20/18  (5)
totally obsessed with staring at women's butts    03/20/18  (13)
"Hey, mang. I am fucking Steve Yobs' muy caliente dotter, holmes. '    03/20/18  (2)
Recommend desk tchotkes for me.    03/20/18  (1)
Startup "helps get people out of jail" - guess race of ppl in main pic on websi    03/20/18  (12)
Poll: is lawman8 autistic?    03/20/18  (50)
XO sees a cat - pic    03/20/18  (2)
describe NEW HAVEN for a singlemo in 20s    03/20/18  (29)
Hey luis I heard you got rich and found love    03/20/18  (5)
Robin Williams #metoo'd    03/20/18  (7)
Do sociopaths ever wonder if they're crazy?    03/20/18  (8)
Jordan Peterson is flame    03/20/18  (18)
Job's dotter's latin-lover boyfriend pronouncing it "Steve Yobs"    03/20/18  (1)
Melania encourages positive behaviors on social media.    03/20/18  (1)
JFC is there a bank that doesnt suck shit for business accounts?    03/20/18  (4)
suck my roboplegic prehensile proto-cock    03/20/18  (1)
THEY HAVE TO GO BACK    03/20/18  (3)
Is this an acceptable suit/color combo for a lawyer?    03/20/18  (3)
been burning bridges all day, taking q's for 12 minutes    03/20/18  (1)
AEI Analysis: Index Funds Beat 95% Of Active Money Managers Over 15 Year Period    03/20/18  (13)
and you're laughin', mate    03/20/18  (1)
so when libs see IEDs they assume white christians rather than...you know    03/20/18  (1)
3 years ago xo made me think Id be forever unhappy because I had an average dick    03/20/18  (11)
Women have generally been very good to me, but I've been terrible to them (DTP)    03/20/18  (2)
there's literally a Pokemon move called Toxic Thread, lmao    03/20/18  (4)
Sequoia Capital min. investment for new fund: $250MM(!!!!). Techmos irate    03/20/18  (10)
Deputy repeatedly hammer fists 12-yr-old girl for playing with her dog    03/20/18  (48)
Maryland shooter is a white kid    03/20/18  (23)
PROBIOTICS = POISON    03/20/18  (5)
Link:BreakingLatest Cambridge Analytica bombshell is been more damninb for Trump    03/20/18  (1)
new poster here. name's ross. first day. the story begins.    03/20/18  (15)
Bboooooom should we just give up? (evan39)    03/20/18  (6)
Reacting to identity politics stuff is a sign of frailty    03/20/18  (1)
ross (new poster): you have to go back.    03/20/18  (2)

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