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Are Abbos seriously the literal stupidest and ugliest race on the entire planet?    03/17/18  (28)
The only type of prestige that matters is spiritual and psychological prestige    03/17/18  (1)
What programming language for BIGspace force    03/17/18  (4)
Chaucer is a 180 poster on a consistent basis    03/17/18  (11)
so every time i search for the "cummies" thread on xo, my phone remembers that i    03/17/18  (1)
Interviewed a boot camp graduate today, he didnt know what a hash table was    03/17/18  (10)
BLP, how much do you expect to make off the XZC masternode this year    03/17/18  (3)
McKayla Maroney still looking sexy as fuckkk    03/17/18  (20)
THIS is the year a 16 beats a 1    03/17/18  (84)
Study: Sad, Lonely Introverts Are Natural Born Social Psychologists    03/17/18  (14)
Happy St Patricks Day, you subhuman prole papists potato fuckers    03/17/18  (1)
Bucknell is going to beat Michigan State tonight    03/17/18  (3)
holllyyyyy shit, ski lift in Georgia goes out of control (video)    03/17/18  (49)
Rate this cute Jewish couple    03/17/18  (1)
UVA basketball team having a "ruff" night    03/17/18  (14)
Romans: bridges for 2000 years; Cubans: haha wow holy shit    03/17/18  (16)
Tillerson Has The Shits In Africa, Cancels Events    03/17/18  (43)
"people are cutting themselves on the machinery of industrial society"    03/17/18  (1)
Running list of Kike posters: DBG, RSF, ARE Reptile, who else?    03/17/18  (5)
There's not enough cum. (bloodacre in a jacuzzi bath with ALL cum, no water)    03/17/18  (73)
i simply asked, "can i make it bigger"    03/17/18  (2)
Andrew McCabe fired.    03/17/18  (72)
Anyone else hate cold sandwiches?    03/17/18  (17)
I can't wait until xo starts CPAP threading    03/17/18  (6)
Rate this 9 month old dog dood    03/17/18  (1)
Babushkas for Putin [NYT]    03/17/18  (1)
Jews CRUSHING it as gop Senators play cowboy    03/17/18  (3)
FDOT warned about FIU bridge cracking 2 days before fatal collapse    03/17/18  (8)
It's insane how everyone who's gone up against Trump has lost    03/17/18  (11)
Final "Ready Player One" trailer    03/17/18  (45)
Elon Musk invents crazy new technologies. WTF did Stephen Hawking do?    03/17/18  (5)
tinychat.com/xoapes, heavy stuff going on crazy stuff. truthtp    03/17/18  (9)
"Two plus t-" "OY VEY, STOP THIS INSTANT!"    03/17/18  (11)
benzo, you around to rate something?    03/17/18  (1)
GoFundMe page set up for McCabe pension. Please consider donating (link)    03/17/18  (2)
So... My grandma died a few weeks ago... on her deathbead told me    03/17/18  (176)
Stormy Daniels admits to prostitution?    03/17/18  (3)
when gc going to move into your dreamspace    03/17/18  (4)
Imagine Soros' joy picking winners and losers among Jewish community    03/17/18  (5)
needle dicks fucked 4 life    03/17/18  (1)
Women queer everything    03/17/18  (2)
Set up a Goy Hollywood right next to Hollywood    03/17/18  (6)
hehe, give me half of your waking life, also    03/17/18  (6)
Is continuing to invest in children a sunken cost fallacy?    03/17/18  (11)
put | some | respect    03/17/18  (9)
LOL. Google Glass wearing tech faggots getting ASSAULTED in SF    03/17/18  (33)
Trump is FINISHED for real now! (Libs in 2051, 10 years after he died)    03/17/18  (1)
if u dont track ur girlfriend ur insane    03/17/18  (1)
dbg are you at AIPAC    03/17/18  (14)
WMTP briefly fielding questions from the people.    03/17/18  (24)
AIPAC finishing up today in DC. Explain like Im 5 why this is good for the US?    03/17/18  (4)
If u settle for girls 3+ points below your attractiveness, youll always get laid    03/17/18  (22)
Obama spying is worse than Teapot Dome    03/17/18  (3)
FBI rookie: this kid says he will shoot up school! *senior agent slaps his face*    03/17/18  (2)
Cornell is offering a beekeeping graduate certificate    03/17/18  (4)
Our CEO salaries are fucking out of control    03/17/18  (2)
ITT poasters share their stories about getting cuties DICK DRUNK    03/17/18  (78)
fucked a porno hooker, taking Q's    03/17/18  (15)
Grad Certs. For resume. Lifts. For height. Sleeves. For sex.    03/17/18  (7)
Trump is FINISHED, but for real this time! (Libs in December 2024)    03/17/18  (3)
Cat walks into a bar. "I'll have a ... beer."    03/17/18  (15)
crowdfunding the pension of a millionaire FBI agent is peak liberalism    03/17/18  (29)
Holy shit the golden retrievers are gonna upset UVA    03/17/18  (23)
Is this the most embarassing loss in the history of sports?    03/17/18  (101)
I have a neurological condition guys    03/17/18  (7)
Indiana so white and safe these are its police recruits and their training (vid)    03/17/18  (3)
"You got beef?" the trumptard lisped from behind the keyboard    03/17/18  (80)
Pretty 180 that modern asceticism allows Shakespeare and Chopin    03/17/18  (2)
I charge $45k/yr. What fancy credit card should I have?    03/17/18  (12)
   03/17/18  (12)
trumphumanism    03/17/18  (2)
very sad how insanely obsessed XO is with "women". fucking disgusting sludgepits    03/17/18  (11)
What we are seeing is a transhumanist authoritarian takeover    03/17/18  (6)
Is this the best looking 80 year old women ever?    03/17/18  (19)
TRUMP sues stormy for 20 MILLION LOL!!    03/17/18  (19)
ARKAN? More like ARE KANG    03/17/18  (2)
*****TINYCHAT IS LIVE***** www.tinychat.com/xoapes    03/17/18  (65)
hypo: 2010 Columbia Law grad, deep in debt, wife has kid, now disbarred    03/17/18  (19)
you could put a rat in a 6'3 230 lb body and it wouldnt make any difference.    03/17/18  (61)
Lets be real, Arkan is 180 as fuck. Its a compliment for clean white glory to    03/17/18  (20)
niggerlipsmo = TURD SANDWICH    03/17/18  (8)
On trans, glitch and gender machinery of failure    03/17/18  (1)
Why are ALL white supremacists malformed, low-IQ, inbred typecasts of their race    03/17/18  (46)
What's the Gender of the Computer?    03/17/18  (3)
clean white glory goes by "francis" in tinychat. watch out!    03/17/18  (9)
After seeing everyone play, pick your NEW CBB champ    03/17/18  (8)
just bought the iphone 8+    03/17/18  (11)
You can analogize globalization to law firm - partners (rich) make $, associates    03/17/18  (12)
If you died, how many people would certainly go to your funeral?    03/17/18  (15)
whenever i see a black person in a nice car, I assume: drug dealer or AA    03/17/18  (5)
I am a strong, smart, independent woman, bla, bla, bla = DICK SOBER    03/17/18  (7)
Romanian man misses filing deadline - is declared legally dead    03/17/18  (6)
"when i was in Baltimore i dunked a fritter in some sauce haha, like those guys"    03/17/18  (1)
"yeah but bros, bros, I went to UVA for my law degree, i'm from Kansas"    03/17/18  (1)
*cums* *pushes cumhole away in disgust*    03/17/18  (1)
I hate the English language    03/17/18  (7)
"honey, you went to virginia for grad school. put your smirnoff down and come to    03/17/18  (1)
Does Mexico have their own Dr. Peterson?    03/17/18  (4)
best college basketball conference = ACC or Big East    03/17/18  (1)
Watching Pay it Forward with Kevin Spacy and sixth sense kid.. totally raped him    03/17/18  (2)
Did ANYOBDY here actually think UVA was best team in the country?    03/17/18  (4)
"sweetie where is my cavalier shirt and where is the lighter fluid for st patty'    03/17/18  (1)
THE MINDS DO NOT MATCH.    03/17/18  (4)
Wow super woke prince Harry not using a prenup. So brave?    03/17/18  (3)
Trump considering limiting visas to Chinese students. YNY    03/17/18  (66)
"haha i agree, they should have sent you into the game sir as a redshirt"    03/17/18  (1)
Robert E. Lee wearing UMBC jersey tonight in the sky    03/17/18  (3)
TICK - TOCK    03/17/18  (1)
Jimmy Kimmel just cried because of McCabe firing    03/17/18  (7)
UMBC drives their way through UVA *plow*    03/17/18  (3)
"I did attend the university of virginia. Yes, I remember that but it w"    03/17/18  (1)
Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox Catholic in order of PRESTIGE?    03/17/18  (51)
The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law is the law school of    03/17/18  (1)
"yeh i went to baltimore. do i remember dat night? ha do you remember prom nig    03/17/18  (1)
mrfantasticjew: "truth tp is the most mentally ill current poaster"    03/17/18  (2)
OneNote vs. OneDrive -- how to use?    03/17/18  (3)
UVA students protest unfair referees, marihuana detected (NYT)    03/17/18  (1)
u cant spell CUM Buckets without UMBC    03/17/18  (2)
Bboooooom should we just give up? (evan39)    03/17/18  (3)
So clean white glory of truth is just more shitty MPA flame?    03/17/18  (23)
Santimoneous James Comey    03/17/18  (8)
McCabe is a good start but every lib needs to be fired from FBI    03/17/18  (2)
Put some green food coloring in the toilet and told kids leprechauns were here    03/17/18  (2)
Azns and Jews are worshipping offworld technological entities    03/17/18  (1)
To lay people this will forever tarnish the UVA brand    03/17/18  (3)
Is the hardcore UVA fan in my office even gonna show up to work Monday?    03/17/18  (5)
u: lobster hierarchy, me: lobster dinner    03/17/18  (1)
Tech careers are a huge mistake for most people    03/17/18  (112)
can't believe I lived to see 16 over 1 and cubs win WS    03/17/18  (4)
mulp    03/17/18  (2)
evan39 should i just "retire" forever    03/17/18  (10)
ITT: I give you two 35 year old women. You tell me which one you'd date.    03/17/18  (83)
FBI's Strzok was friends with Flynn's judge. Judge accepted plea then recused    03/17/18  (80)
Loyola Chicago vs UMBC in the Elite 8    03/17/18  (1)
jinx cock is like a bomb that explodes in my ass (whokebe)    03/17/18  (2)
1987 is 41 years from now    03/17/18  (4)
Dutchess tricked me by getting the cat    03/17/18  (3)
"you said we would go all the way and i was coming with you. the door is over th    03/17/18  (1)
lobster hierarchy    03/17/18  (3)
what was McCabe's annual salary?    03/17/18  (15)
Check out this Epah self-pwn. Is it his biggest self-pwn SO FAR?    03/17/18  (1)
why do private sector workers care that McCabe got fired & wont get pension??    03/17/18  (18)
meatspin.com but instead of "Right Round" the Interstellar docking theme plays    03/17/18  (5)
UMBC alum here, most of my classmates didn't even know they were playing    03/17/18  (3)
no one talks about the 2nd Statue of Liberty in iowa city    03/17/18  (3)
Any UMBC Terriers up in dis bish?    03/17/18  (4)
1987 was 41 years ago    03/17/18  (4)
hope the kneeling was fun UVA!    03/17/18  (6)
uspo = unbelievably shitty post originator    03/17/18  (14)

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